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If you have stumbled upon this blog post, you must be someone willing to experiment with your life. Well you have come to the right place. I am Jay Kim and this is the doorway to my travel blog which is based on several adventures that I undertook while staying outside the box in life. I will let you have a sneak peak in all the fun I have had over the years.

I must say that my life has not been short of a roller coaster ride, as I have lived most of it on the run and on a hunch. I left Korea 13 years ago and frankly speaking that is a very bold step for an Asian woman like me. I have returned now, but with loads of experience and stories to tell to my fellow country-women. I want to make sure that Women in Korea understand that there is a complete world outside of their comfort zones as well. 

I spent my 20’s and 30’ outside my comfort zone. I didn’t study much in all these years but I experienced the other side of the world first hand. I started off by living in India for 8 years. I spent exploring the wilderness in Madagascar, Africa for three years and My work life took me to Singapore and my travel shoes took me everywhere else. The travelling was the best part of staying outside my comfort zone. 

Things that I have learned over these past 13 years are something that cannot be put into words and especially not into one blog post. Therefore I have distributed these experiences over a series of blogs so that you can relive the thrill and fun through me and my blog. You will read through the blog and will come to know about all the places I went through along with their cultures and survival hacks.

I have learned amazing things on the way. Apart from sharing my experience with the world, I want to keep a written track of the journeys I have enjoyed. Hence, the whole idea of the blog which will help you and remind me of all the crazy adventures I had back in the day. The writings will come one by one as I connect the dots of my travel log back tracking my way to the start of my journey.

 Each blog post or as I would like to call it a “chapter” will consist of the narrative about the places I have visited. I will spell out the things I have learned from that one experience, be it culture wise or travel wise. This will include the way I made friends from different cultures and what they taught me over the years. 

Believe me; it still gives me Goosebumps when I think about all those people I met on my journeys. These are not mere 50 chapters, but 50 divisions of my life broken down into every significant travel moment that has shaped me over the last 13 years.